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Manuel M. Juárez Davila, Ph.D.

Manuel Juárez

Welcome to Dr. Manuel Juárez's webpage.

One of the main requirements for scientific research is to share the results obtained by researchers. The interchange of ideas and the international collaboration between research groups lead to a higher development in any research area. Hence, this webpage was developed as a window where sharing the main results from Dr. Juárez's professional career with other researchers.

As a young researcher, Dr. Juárez combines the development of diverse projects with training activities (courses, seminars, stages) that will help him to progress in his area of knowledge: Meat Quality. In this sense, Dr. Juárez acknowledges every institution that has participated and/or still participates in his development as a researcher: MERAGEM Research Team (Spain), University of Cordoba (Spain), University of Seville (Spain), University of Zaragoza (Spain), Public University of Navarra (Spain), Ashtown Food Research Centre (TEAGASC, Ireland), University of Perugia (Italy), Agriculture Research Centre (Italy)…

Currently, as a NSERC Post-Doc Fellow at the Lacombe Research Centre (Alberta, Canada), Dr. Juárez coordinates and develops projects focused on beef and pork quality, with special emphasis on the effects of the fatty acid profile modification (omega-3, CLA and trans fatty acids) on meat texture, appearance and palatability, as well as on the increase of carcasses' value through pre- and post-mortem strategies.

If you need more information, feel free to contact Dr. Juárez.

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